Arts and Letters

The Phoenix Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter’s Arts and Letters Committee works in conjunction with the National Arts and Letters Commission to provide artistic and cultural outlets for chapter members and our local communities.

The Arts and Letters Committee is responsible for promoting positive images of African Americans in our community through music, dance, drama, and poetry. The Arts and Letters program celebrates and facilitates the sharing of these artistic talents, publicizes talents of local artists, and exposes the community to culturally enriching experiences.


The goal of the Arts and Letters Committee is to promote individual and community awareness of the various fields of artistic endeavors; to encourage the development of individual and collective skills in the liberal arts; to showcase those who possess talents which contribute to an increased sensitivity to and an appreciation of the beauty around us; and to support those organizations who foster artistic and related disciplines.

The Arts and Letters Committee organizes activities such as:

  • Emerging Artist Showcase
  • Movie Screenings
  • Book Reviews
  • Poetry Workshops
  • Painting Workships
  • Writing Workshops

Book Reviews